Criminal Defense

nicole fraser criminal defense attorney san jose california

There is no darker moment than when you or someone you know has been arrested and/or charged with a crime.  While the justice system in the United States does have fail-safes in place to help protect people, much of this protection will need to be ensured through a knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense lawyer.  

Regardless of the legal situation you may be in, it is important that you consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  At the very least, an attorney can inform you of your rights and help you understand whether you need legal representation at this point. It is better to consult an attorney than to ignore the situation and find that you are facing serious criminal charges. 

Ms. Fraser has been practicing law for over 11 years.  She began her career working on the most challenging criminal matters – death penalty cases.  She has the experience and assertiveness to help you through this difficult time.